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Унајмите наменски Ruby on Rails (RoR) девелопер
ин Црна Гора

У срцу Источне Европе

Оспособљавање је једноставно унајмити наменски Ruby on Rails (RoR) програмер ин Црна Гора

Проналажење и задржавање наменског програмера Ruby on Rails (RoR) може бити прилично изазов за неке компаније. Али не за нас. Имамо строги поступак запошљавања како би правилно прегледали наше Ruby on Rails (RoR) девелоперс ин Црна Гора. Поред наших теоријских тестова, таленти морају показати практично и практично искуство развоја Ruby on Rails (RoR).
Унајмите наменски Ruby on Rails (RoR) девелопер
Почели смо са једноставном идејом

Висока потражња за Ruby on Rails (RoR) програмерима

Чињенице су јасне. Потражња за високо квалификованим талентима у развоју Ruby on Rails (RoR) је већа од понуде. То ствара огроман недостатак на тржишту. Наша мисија је једноставна: Хунт, хире, задржи најбоље Ruby on Rails (RoR) програмера ин Црна Гора. Ово омогућава нашим клијентима да увек остану испред криве.
Унајмите наменски Ruby on Rails (RoR) девелопер
У срцу Источне Европе

У срцу Источне Европе

Теам Ектенсион се налази у Букурешту, у Румунији. Као почетни центар, Букурешт има многе предности, укључујући високе брзине Фибер Оптиц интернет прикључака (Румунија је рангирала на петом месту на свијету за брзину интернетског повезивања на блоомберг.цом), ниске оперативне трошкове и режијске трошкове; плус, богатство домаћих техничких талената. С обзиром на пораст потребних предузетничких култура самоодрживости и флексибилности, која је ојачала пословни сектор, богатство техничких вештина и ресурса који говоре енглески.

Унајмите наменски Ruby on Rails (RoR) девелопер
Наши су запослени

Наши су запослени

Ми у Теам Ектенсион-у верујемо да се успјешност нашег пословања у великој мјери ослања на срећу наших запослених, без обзира на то што градимо, измишљамо или продајемо. Ми пуно повјерење у наш технички таленат и њихов раст унутар наше организације; једноставно зато што не можемо напредовати и расти без наших тимова.

То је права разлика између освајања и губитка у нашем мишљењу.

Унајмите наменски Ruby on Rails (RoR) девелопер


Are there any upfront recruiting or contractual costs when hiring Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers with TE?

Yes. We require an initial deposit that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you hire your Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers. If you decide not to move forward, your deposit will be completely refunded.

Can I swap a resource for another?

Yes. While we rigorously screen our resources to ensure they meet your requirements, we understand that not every developer will be a perfect fit for every company.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We primarily work with ACH, bank wires and typically work with EUR, CHF, USD and GBP. For smaller amounts, we do accept all major credit cards.

Who owns the legal rights of the work created by my Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers?

You, the client. Our team works directly for you and upon full payment all IP, rights, products & code produced by TE are your property.

Where are your Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers located at?

All our Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers work from one of our facilities in Eastern Europe. This is to guarantee the IP, security, know-how of our clients' proprietary code and assets. We have facilities in most of Eastern Europe, in particular in Romania, Ukraine, and in the Balkans. Feel free to schedule a visit!

Why don't you allow Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers to work from home or remotely?

TE is known to be strict on security. Remote work, and freelancing is great as a concept, but our clients, Fortune 500 companies and governments in particular, are very keen to make sure the IP of what their Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers work on, is safely stored.

How much should I budget to hire a Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer with Team Extension?

We do not compete on price, we compete on quality. The market is in high demand for Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers, and there is not enough Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers to go around. Simple economics you might say. This means that pricing around the world is high, regardless of location. We employ your Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer directly (on your behalf). We pay all the employements taxes, and employment contribution to the state. Hassle-free for you. No complicated paperwork and administrative hassle to go through.

Who is going to manage my Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer?

You. This is a major advantage for you and our Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers. You work directly together. That's why we typically let our clients manage their Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers directly. You know your Ruby on Rails (RoR) application better than anyone. Upon request, we also provide project management -on your behalf- of your Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers.

Can my Ruby on Rails (RoR) programmers work from our company offices?

Yes. On-site deployment of Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer staff is available upon request. All TE developers will have final say in relocation because happy developers are a top priority. All cost of living adjustments & relocation fees are passed along to the client. This arrangement works best for 3-6 month periods. Client's seeking long-term on-site relocation are advised to let TE know in advance so we may hire specific Ruby on Rails (RoR) candidates looking for relocation.

Do you do QA? What about CS?

Yes. Think of us as an extension of your team. For QA, we perform free QA smoke test on your Ruby on Rails (RoR) application. We highly recommend you allocate for a dedicated QA in your budget. For CS, we also have resources available to do the CS of your Ruby on Rails (RoR) application.

What tools does Team Extension typically use?

Team Extension uses Git, GitHub, Jira, Slack for communication. We'll also invite you to our Slack channel.

At our company, we are using specific tools. VPN, etc. Could my Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer use them too?

Yes, we can/will use VPN, and yes you can use whatever tools your company is currently using and pass it over to us. If training is required, please take this into account when we are doing the onboarding of your Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers. Lastly, if licenses are required, please make sure to procure licenses of the software in question for the developer.

How do I get started? How do I hire my Ruby on Rails (RoR) resource?

Great news! Simply go to https://teamextension.me/get-started/sr. Just fill the form and one of our expert will write you back within 24-48 hours to get your account setup.

I am interested to read more about Ruby on Rails (RoR)!

We are actively writing about Ruby on Rails (RoR) development and news. Simply go to our blog at https://teamextension.blog/?s=rubyonrails

I am a skilled Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer, I am interested to work with TE. Where do I apply?

We are constantly recruiting talented Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers, simply go to https://teamextension.careers to find out about our open positions.




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Спремни сте да водите посао на нове висине?

Спремни сте да водите посао на нове висине?

Најам најбољих Ruby on Rails (RoR) програмера, инжењера, програмера, кодера, архитеката и консултаната. Фортуне 500 и старт-упи бирају програмера екипе за продукцију Ruby on Rails (RoR) за своје критичне софтверске пројекте.
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